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6.1 release notes

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This release of DevForce 2010 includes a large number of enhancements, bug fixes, and documentation improvements.

The installer now detects Silverlight 4 Tools when it is only installed with Visual Studio 2010 SP1.

New and improved query support that includes Named Query (F1684) and Dynamic Type Support (F1645, F1670, F1671, F1672, F1687).

Breaking changes

  • The Cleared event is no longer raised during the creation of a new EntityManager. This is a breaking change (albeit minor). [F1680]
  • Silverlight only – We removed the following classes from IdeaBlade.Core.SL since they were not used: EdmKeyElement, LoggingElement and ServerSettingsElement. The corresponding properties on the IdeaBladeConfig.Instance were also removed. The ClientEdmKey constructors were also modified. Your Silverlight application should not have directly used any of these classes, since they are intended for the "server side" only. [ D1738]
  • If you've implemented a custom IDataSourceKeyResolver – the GetKey arguments will now no longer be forced to upper case. Both the data source key name and key extension arguments are now in the "original" case: for the data source key name this is the DataSourceKeyName attribute from the generated entity model, and for the data source extension this is the value provided in the EntityManager constructor. [D176]
  • The TypeWrapperSL class has been renamed to TypeWrapper. [See F1642]

Defect repairs

  • Cache-only queries can now be used with the EntityQueryPagedCollectionView. [D1320]
  • Fixed issue with non-serializable instances of the EntityManager.DataSourceResolver.ProbedKeyResolver. The ProbedKeyResolver property no longer needs to return a serializable IDataSourceKeyResolver. [D1684]
  • POCO types now respect the CanQuery attribute. The CanSave attribute will be supported for POCO types in 6.1.1. [D1736]
  • The auto-generated links to entity model files in Silverlight projects now correctly handle duplicate file names. [D1737]
  • Removed unused classes from IdeaBlade.Core.SL. [D1738]
  • Fixed issue with debug log not rendering in IE9 and Mozilla Firefox. [D1739]
  • Instances of POCO entities that were serialized as relation properties now have an EntityAspect. Previously they did not. [D1743]
  • Queries with a GroupBy clause covering multiple properties no longer fail with a cast exception. [D1745]
  • IsExecutingOnServer flag was not always reset correctly. It now is. [D1747]
  • The DomainModelTemplate now refers to "DevForce EDM Designer Extension" instead of its legacy name: "DevForce Object Mapping Tool". [D1748]
  • Scalar LINQ operators no longer fail when used inside of a LINQ subselect. (Some of the scalar operators were not previously supported in subselects). [D1751]
  • Probing for IAuthenticationProvider interface is now done by CompositionContext. [D1753]
    IdeaBlade DevForce Release Notes
  • When a new entity that still has a temp id is manually assigned a new id, importing this entity to another EntityManager will fail. This has been fixed. [D1755]
  • Projects created with the Silverlight Business Application templates will now properly display/remove validation error status on form fields that are linked by a verification test with multiple triggers, such as password/repeat password on the registration form. [D1759]
  • Lookup of EdmKeys and ServiceKeys in the ideablade.configuration section is now case-insensitive. Also no longer force datasource key names to upper case during key resolution – this was causing a problem in some languages, notably Turkish. [D1760]
  • Fixed issue where an anonymous projection query with the binary add operator would fail in n-tier applications. [D1761]
  • Scalar functions that used to fail when applied to the Fake backing store now work properly. [D1763]
  • The installer now detects Silverlight 4 Tools when it is only installed with Visual Studio 2010 SP1. [D1766]
  • The IDataSourceKeyResolver is no longer called unnecessarily on each successive SaveChanges call. [D1767]
  • Default value for Byte[] type when specified in the EDMX property editor is now generated correctly. [D1768]
  • Default value is now getting a valid default value for non-nullable Byte[] properties. Previously, a null value was returned incorrectly. Now an empty byte[] is returned instead. [D1769]
  • Pending entity resolution is now performed correctly for related entities on an entity imported into another EntityManager which both uses asynchronous navigation and has an asynchronous connection outstanding. [D1773]
  • Parallel Coroutine call no longer executes its callback more than once. This used to occur intermittently when an error was thrown. [D1774]

New and improved product features

  • Improvements to CompositionHost probing. The CompositionHost now supports IgnorePatterns which can be customized as needed. The default patterns automatically ignore many third party UI assemblies to help improve startup performance. Both SearchPatterns and IgnorePatterns now accept RegEx patterns or simple wildcard (i.e. "*") characters. See the DevForce Resource Center for more information: http://drc.ideablade.com/xwiki/bin/view/Documentation/discovery [F1510 and F1514]
  • A client application can now connect to multiple application servers (BOSes). See the following topic in the DevForce Resource Center for more information: http://drc.ideablade.com/xwiki/bin/view/Documentation/connect-to-multiple-entityservers [F1575]
  • Class IdeaBlade.Core.TypeWrapper is now publicly available. The TypeWrapper allows you to send a System.Type between the EntityManager and the EntityServer, for example as a parameter or return value from a remote server method. [F1642]
  • Remove the auto-generated links to entity model files in Silverlight projects when the EDMX is switched to "DevForce Enabled = false". [F1659]
  • Improved error message when a failure occurs due to a likely probing problem. [F1674]
  • Enable automatic creation of a new server side EntityManager for any server query without an EntityManager. [F1678]
  • NamedQuery support. See the DevForce Resource Center for more information: http://drc.ideablade.com/xwiki/bin/view/Documentation/named-query [F1684]
  • There is a new attribute: ClientQueryPermissionsAttribute that can be applied to either a type or named query method to disallow includes and/or projections. See the DevForce Resource Center for more information: http://drc.ideablade.com/xwiki/bin/view/Documentation/query-security-attribute [F1685]
  • Added EntityQuery.Create(queryType, EntitySetName, anEntityManager) overload to support dynamic named queries [F1688]
  • Dynamic Type Support
    • "An"‟ and "All" FilterOperators added for use with IPredicateDescription. [F1645]
    • Add support for dynamic async scalar operators - IEntityScalarAsync (as opposed to IEntityScalarAsync<T> ). [F1670]
    • Added 'dynamic' support for scalar Contains operator (both async and normal). [F1671]
      IdeaBlade DevForce Release Notes
    • Support simple functions with no args in PredicateDescription. [F1672]
    • New ProjectionSelector and SortSelector classes to replace PropertyProjectionSelector and PropertySortSelector (old classes have been deprecated). [F1687]
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