Up DevForce or RIA Services?


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IdeaBlade released its first distributed application infrastructure product in 2002. DevForce 2010 is the sixth major version of that product, one for every version in .NET history.

Every DevForce release has endured rigorous trials under real-world business conditions. Thousands of customers have trusted their business to IdeaBlade since 2002. They’ve been vocal with us about what works and what doesn’t under the most varied of circumstances. 

We see the issues you face and we adapt our products to respond to your needs and demands. We’ve had a professional services arm throughout our history, and every DevForce developer has served a stint in the field, sitting side-by-side with customers–designing and building the applications that run their businesses. 

Our senior technical management has more than a hundred years of combined business application development experience. We might not have seen everything … but we’ve seen plenty.

Consider your alternatives and ask tough questions:

  • How long has the alternative been commercially available? 
  • Are there production applications built with it?
  • How long have those applications been in production? 
  • Have they had time to evolve over several maintenance and enhancement cycles?

Consider the product teams. Look at their resumes. 

  • Which (if any) team members have built even one business application in their entire careers?
  • Have any of them built a business application with their own product? 
  • Have any of them worked directly with customers to build a customer application … not just a prototype or proof-of-concept?

You may not know our business. But you know your business. Who would you hire to work for you:  some smart people who have thought about it or some smart people who have already done it? 

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