Up DevForce or RIA Services?


Last modified on August 15, 2012 17:21

They're free, we're cheaper. 

DevForce is cheaper ... much cheaper when you consider the total cost of designing, building, maintaining, and supporting your application over a period of years.

Consider the comparisons points below and estimate the savings of going with DevForce. 

If you went with RIA Services, what would it cost you in:

  • Hours updating, testing, and redeploying the unnecessary changes to server code.
  • Hours wading through thousands of lines of a DomainService to cope with a new database table or column.
  • Days waiting for a response from support or critical fix that won’t arrive for months (if ever).
  • Days writing and testing a workaround in the interim.
  • Days writing a SOAP service to support a non-Silverlight client.
  • Days hunting elusive bugs because it was too hard to write automated tests. 
  • Sales lost because you were late to market or couldn’t offer features that customers wanted.

Count them up and convert them to dollars.

We think you’ll end up with a figure several times the cost of DevForce licenses. 

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