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6.1.1 release notes

Last modified on August 15, 2012 17:22

This release of DevForce 2010 includes a large number of bug fixes and enhancements. Additionally, there is now a working VB code sample for almost every C# code sample.

Breaking changes

  • We removed the testMode flag from the IdeaBladeConfig because it was not used by DevForce. Applications which may have been setting this flag were not actually engaging a "test mode" within DevForce; this may be a breaking change to those applications. [D1749]

Defect repairs

  • Asynchronous save processing is now synchronized to avoid problems with multiple concurrent asynchronous saves. [D1700]
  • The XML doc for EntityVersion.Default was incorrect and has been fixed. [D1711]
  • Automatic query inversion was broken for self referential properties – this also effected OData self referential queries. [D1732]
  • Removed the testMode attribute from the IdeaBladeConfig serverSettings. [D1749]
  • PropertyChanged was not being fired during an ImportEntities call. [D1756]
  • The static EntityRelations constructor was not correctly generated in some cases when multiple EDMXes were in the same project. [D1764]
  • Anonymous projections that returned nested collections would sometime fail. [D1777]
  • EDM Extension - Allow for duplicate project item names when generating code. [D1779]
  • Pages with an ObjectDataSource control can now be viewed in the designer. [D1780]
  • NamedQueries were not able to define includes internally when client includes were prohibited. [D1781]
  • Anonymous projections now work correctly in n-tier Visual Basic applications. [D1782]
  • EntityManager SaveChanges calls with a partial list of entities involving an "M2M no payload" would commit a clone entity to Datasource. [D1783]
  • Clearer message if Silverlight 4 SDK not installed and improved SL 4 SDK detection during installation. [D1784]
  • Validation errors on client entities were being duplicated after a SaveChanges call that resulted in a validation exception. [D1785]
  • ErrorsChanged event was sometimes invoked when the ValidationErrors collection did not change. [D1786]
  • Validation errors were being improperly retained after the restoration of an EntityManager from a previously saved EntityCacheState. [D1787]
  • Exceptions thrown in the PropertyChanged event of Detached entities getting "swallowed". [D1788]
  • A POCO projection query involving a POCO navigational property would throw a null exception. [D1789]
  • Improved Intellisense documentation and error message for synchronous ExecuteQuery when run in Silverlight. [D1792]
  • Automatic query inversion was not occurring for queries involving sub typed entities. [D1793]
  • FirstOrNullEntity had different execution paths for typed vs. non-typed queries. [D1794]
  • Custom composition contexts were not being properly discovered by the remote fake backing store. [D1798]
  • Fix an out of range exception occurring when using the EntityCacheState with a highly nested object graph. [D1800]
  • For Entities decorated with [RequiresAuthorization] tag, server-side EntityManager queries would fail on interceptors. [D1801]
  • The GroupBy extension with the signature GroupBy(source, keySelector, elementSelector) now uses the elementSelector correctly. [D1803]

New and improved product features

  • Minor enhancements to the EntityQueryPagedCollectionView: the PageSize can now be changed after construction, and will trigger an auto-refresh; the CurrentItem is now correctly tracked after a refresh. [F1667]
  • Generated EntityManager class code no longer contains a DataSourceKeyName attribute on the generated EntityManager. (no longer needed) [F1677]
  • Entity type security exclusions (e.g., CanQuery) now apply to entities mentioned in INCLUDE clauses as well as the root query. [F1699]
  • KnownType attributes have been removed from generated code, since they are no longer needed for DevForce entity types. [F1700]
  • A new EntityQuery extension method GetIncludedTypes() has been added and an additional optional parameter has been added to the IEntityQuery.GetReferencedTypes extension method to include "Included" entity types. [F1702]
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