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6.1.12 release notes

Last modified on March 19, 2013 15:47

This is a maintenance release of DevForce 2010.

As of version 6.1.9, DevForce 2010 now uses three digit semantic versioning.  The 6.1.12 release differs from the prior release in the inclusion of several fixes.

Defect repairs

  • Code First - Related entities defined in different namespaces cause unhandled NullReferenceException.  Fixed. [D2065]
  • Ensure that DataSourceKeyName may not be overridden on EntityServer. [D2104]
  • The EntityQueryPager throws an OutOfBoundsException when navigating an empty result set. Fixed. [D2120]
  • Modifications to initialization logic to avoid locking problems and duplicate probing.  [D2121]
  • Changed assembly copyright to include 2013. [D2313]
  • The TransactionSettings.Timeout value was ignored by the StoredProcQuery and PassthruEsqlQuery.  Fixed. [D2327]
  • Code First - Ensure the DataSourceKeyName is written to the ibmmx for entity and complex types. [D2330]
  • Code First - DevForce attempts to create a null entity from an abstract base class. Fixed. [D2331]
  • Code First - Validate foreign key relationships at build time and throw if an FK is missing. [D2332]
  • The EntityServer now returns all entity validation errors to client. [D2337]
  • Cloned entities incorrectly retained the original entity's event handlers. [D2345]
  • The VerifierErrorsCollection on a cloned entity still referenced the original entity. Fixed. [D2346]
  • Changes to a primary key field which is also a foreign key now behave the same whether the change was made via the FK or navigation property, and changes are cascaded to subsequent levels of entities in cache as needed. [D2357]
  • Code First - The ProvideEntityAspect attribute now validates correctly when the base type is defined in a different assembly. [F2127] 

Known issues

If you have a Code First model, note that the version of the DevForce 2010 Code First NuGet package must match the version of DevForce installed.  See here for more information.

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