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6.1.13 release notes

Last modified on April 10, 2013 10:52

This is a maintenance release of DevForce 2010.

As of version 6.1.9, DevForce 2010 now uses three digit semantic versioning.  The 6.1.13 release differs from the prior release in the inclusion of several fixes.

Defect repairs

  • Two many-to-many link table entries are created for self-referencing relationships.  Fixed. [D1972]
  • Code First - The ProvideComplexAspect attribute may now be defined on base types.  [D2329]
  • Fixed a memory leak which occurred when working with entities with a 1:1 (or 1:0,1) relationship.  [D2367]
  • The N-tier DevForce templates now set the correct server address in the client app.config when IIS Express is used.  [D2368]
  • Fixed an IndexOutOfRangeException which could occur in a query using both 'Include' and query inversion in a model using inheritance.  [D2378]
  • Code First - Fixed a memory leak with aspects in models using inheritance.  [D2385]

Known issues

If you have a Code First model, note that the version of the DevForce 2010 Code First NuGet package must match the version of DevForce installed.  See here for more information.

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