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6.1.15 release notes

Last modified on August 22, 2013 13:27

This release of DevForce 2010 adds support for Visual Studio 2013 Preview, and also includes several defect repairs.


  • Added support for Visual Studio 2013 Preview. See the Breaking Changes section below for additional information. [F2175]  
  • Improved performance when calling EntityManager.ImportEntities, and of the EntityCacheState when calling CacheStateManager.GetCacheState, RestoreCacheState and Merge.  This improvement is due to a change in the "deep cloning" methodology used by DevForce, and also affects 2-tier EntityManager.SaveChanges calls.   [F2136]

    This change may be breaking to some applications; see the Breaking Changes section below for more information.  This feature was a suggestion on DevForce UserVoice.

  • The installation now includes versions of ServerService.exe and ServerConsole.exe for both x86 and AnyCPU target platforms.  The 32-bit versions can be found in the tools\x86 subfolder of the DevForce installation.  [F2180]
  • Added a user-configurable CleanupInterval and CleanupThrottle for the Notification Service.  See the topic Configure the push service for more information. [F1933]

Defect repairs

  • Fixed a problem in which refetched entities could be detached during a RefetchEntitiesAsync call. [D2458]
  • Code First - Fixed a thread safety problem with property bindings when using virtual properties.  [D2483]
  • Reduced the number of output messages from the DevForce 2010 EDM extension, also eliminating a problem with the DevForce pane “stealing” the focus from the build window.  [D2491]
  • Fixed a problem with change tracking of complex types following an import.  [D2497]
  • Fixed a NullReferenceException which could occur when working with nested complex types.  [D2499]
  • Fixed an error which occurred when initializing default values on an entity.  In some applications this error also caused a large performance impact.  [D2501]

Breaking changes

  • The IdeaBlade.VisualStudio.OM.CodeGenerator.* assembly has been renamed to IdeaBlade.VisualStudio.OM.CodeGenerator.v6.dll in all supported Visual Studio versions.  Previously, separate assemblies were used for VS2010 and VS2012.

    If you have not customized the code generation process, delete the *.edmx.tt file from your project so that DevForce will generate a new file with the correct assembly reference.  If you have customized code generation, change the assembly name as noted above.

  • Previous versions of DevForce performed a "deep clone" using the DataContractSerializer (DCS).  This can be a performance bottleneck, and DevForce now uses custom cloning logic in the new ReflectionCloner.  Unlike the DCS, this cloner will call the default constructor for cloned objects.  If a default constructor does not exist, in .NET 4.x environments FormatterServices.GetUnitializedObject() is used, while an exception will be thrown in Silverlight.  

    Silverlight applications many need to grant "friend" access to Ideablade.Core.SL to allow reflection on internal properties and methods.  See the topics Make project internals visible to DevForce and Make internal properties visible in Silverlight for more information.

    If this new cloning behavior causes problems, you may revert to use of the DCS by setting CloningFns.DefaultCloningMethod:
    CloningFns.DefaultCloningMethod = CloningMethod.DCS

Known issues

Code First

  • DevForce uses PostSharp 2.1.  If you manually install the PostSharp NuGet package be sure to specify the version number so that you don't mistakenly upgrade to version 3.  More information is available here.

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