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6.1.5 release notes

Last modified on August 15, 2012 17:21

This release of DevForce 2010 includes a large number of bug fixes and enhancements. 

Breaking changes

  • Importing a deleted entity over an added entity, with a MergeStrategy of OverwriteChanges, will now mark the ‘target’ entity as deleted where previously it would have been marked as detached. [D1966]

  • [Code First] – Code First models with a 1 to 0,1 mapping may have implicitly relied on the order in which entity types were discovered. With [D1944], types are now always processed in type name order. If you encounter a mapping error you can mark the dependent’s navigation property as Required, or use the Fluent API to define the relationship.

Defect repairs

  • Adjusted the string length verifier message to be more grammatically correct. [D1910]

  • Fixed issue where temp id fixup did not occur when attaching entities before a temp id was generated. [D1928]

  • Fixed issue where the EntityAspect.IsLoaded would return an incorrect result. [D1933]

  • The DynamicXap will now retry for FileNotFound exceptions generated due to the order of deployment parts. Fixed in [D1934]

  • Fixed Issue with adding and deleting an entity with many to many relationship to other entities of its own type. [D1937]

  • Fixed issue where an overriden OnPropertyChanged method would not get called on detached entities. [D1938]

  • Some IdeaBlade.*.SL assemblies contain references to Silverlight assemblies with Specific Version set to True. Fixed. [D1939]

  • Fixed issue where importing a deleted an entity in a many-many relationship would not correctly update the many-many relation in the destination. [D1940]

  • Fixed issue where ComplexTypes were not being cloned properly – this would occur in Import and Restore when NOT overwriting an existing entity. [D1941]

  • Fixed issue with multipart keys where a part of the key needing an id generator would fail to properly update the id during id fixup. [D1942]

  • EntityMetadata initialization bug involving type references to self referential entity types occurring before the first EntityManager access. [D1943]

  • We now provide a more explanatory exception when creating a PredicateDescription with FilterOperator.InList where the list contains a null. [D1945]

  • We now explicitly disallow calling GenerateId on any non primary key property or on a ForeignKey property even if it is part of the primary key.  Previously these operations could cause errors in follow-on code.  An explanatory exception is now thrown. [D1946]

  • Deleting an entity in a many to many relation now correctly updates the opposing relation collection in all circumstances. [D1948]

  • EntityManager.FindEntityGraph can now find deleted entities accessed via many-many relations. [D1949]

  • Fixed issue where the EntityServerQueryInterceptor.IsServerQuery was false when a query was issued within an InvokeServerMethod call using the server-side EntityManager.  IsServerQuery now returns ‘true’ under these conditions. [D1951]

  • Fixed a threading bug in the DevForce property interception machinery. This would typically only occur in server side query and save interception logic. [D1955]

  • Silverlight client failing to decrypt license key. [D1958]

  • Fixed issue where EntityMetadata.HasAnyConcreteEntityBaseTypes would throw a NullReferenceException when an interface type was passed instead of a class type. [D1959]

  • Fixed issue where an EntityServerQueryInterceptor would throw an exception if it found a QueryFilter on one of the types returned by a collection navigation property within an anonymous projection. [D1960]

  • Fixed issue where a save involving many to many relations could fail after using ImportEntity to import just one side of the many to many graph. [D1961]

  • Corrected a bad ‘DefaultEntityManager’ message when using with EntityManager.ExecuteQuery with an EntityQuery with a null EntityManager. [D1962]

  • Invalid characters (hexadecimal) corrupting DebugLog.xml [D1963]

  • RelatedEntityList.Clear now effectively performs the same actions as iterating and calling Remove on each of the entities, except that only a single NotifyPropertyChange event is fired. [D1964]

  • Fixed issue where the EntityManager copy constructor was not copying the EntityManager ‘ServiceKey’.[D1965]

  • Fixed issue where using the EntityQueryPager with a NamedQuery would fail with a "Named queries must have a FetchStrategy of either DataSourceOnly or Optimized" error. [D1967]

  • Fixed an error with the C# version of the Accent-themed Business Application Template.  Fixed in  [D1977]

  • Fixed an error with dynamic anonymous queries involving list navigation projections. Fixed in [D1978]

  • [Code First] - To ensure that the generated ibmmx file does not change unnecessarily the entity metadata is now generated in type name order. [D1944]

  • [Code First] - Fixed a bug where entity relation queries involving Inheritance would throw an exception. [D1957]

New and improved product features

  • DevForce models can now be used in LINQPad with the DevForce LINQPad driver.  [F1549]

  • Honor Entity Container Access property on the designer when generating EntityManager class. [F1839]

  • We have added two new static properties to the IdeaBlade.EntityModel.SerializationContext class to provide a mechanism to work around .NET DataContract Serialization issues with deep graphs.  In our testing this is a relatively rare occurrence and can be spotted by detecting a 'stack overflow' exception during serialization operations. The SerializationContextMode allows a developer to tell DevForce to try to work around this issue by serializing a 'smaller' graph and then fixing it up during the 'deserialization' phase.  [F1859]

  • Provide natively compiled Silverlight 5 versions of assemblies.  Added in [F1899]

  • [Code First] - Additional build output messages are now generated to indicate whether a DbContext was found or generated dynamically. [F1849]

  • [Code First] - The ibmmx file is now formatted for easier readability.  [F1865]

  • [Code First] - The DevForce version number is now included in the ibmmx file.  [F1866]

  • [Code First] - The DevForce LINQPad driver now supports Code First models.  [F1876]  (This also requires version 1.0.1 of the driver.)

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