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Last modified on August 17, 2012 12:54

This is a maintenance release of DevForce 2010.

Defect repairs

  • Fixed an issue where there was an assumption that composite FK properties were in the same order as PK properties. [D2116]
  • A more helpful exception is thrown when InvokeServerMethod fails with MissingMethodException in CodeFirst. [D2038]
  • Fixed an issue where the TemplateInstaller.exe (used in Windows XP) can install to wrong folders. [D2042]

  • A default value is now set for TimeSpan properties. [D2046]

  • Fixed an issue where an AttachEntity call involving identity columns and manually assigned ids would not correctly fix up the foreign keys of associated entities. [D2049]

  • Credit properly given to Daniel Cazzulino for IHideObjectMembers. [D2054]

  • Deleted entities with validation errors will no longer cause a save to fail when SaveOptions.IgnoreClientValidationErrors = false. In other words, errors on deleted entities are not considered to be important enough to fail a save because the entity is going to be deleted anyway.  [D2056]

  • Code First: Updated error message if EntityFramework.dll cannot be found. [D2060]

  • DevForce EDM Designer Extension description updated for VS2012. [D2067]

  • Setting an EntityAspect’s EntityState directly had subtly different behavior from that experienced when calling the following methods on the EntityAspect:  SetAdded, SetModified, AcceptChanges, Delete and RemoveFromManager.  The behaviors are now identical. [D2068]
    • EntityState -> Added is same as EntityAspect.SetAdded()
    • EntityState -> Modified is same as EntityAspect.SetModified()
    • EntityState -> Deleted is same as EntityAspect.Delete()
    • EntityAspect -> Detached is same as EntityAspect.RemoveFromManager()
    • EntityAspect -> Unchanged is same as EntityAspect.AcceptChanges()

  • Fixed a bug where changing a parent's PK didn’t cascade to its children's PK when the PK was the same as the FK. [D2071]

  • DevForce project templates are no longer available when targeting .NET 4.5 in VS 2012. [D2072]

  • Changes to EntityModelMetadataDeploy build task to fix problems with discovery of CodeFirst entity types. [D2073]

  • Fixed an issue where DefaultValueAttribute on nullable fields threw InvalidCastException. [D2050]

  • AAAA_EntityAspectForSerialization property is now part of IgnorePropertiesAttribute when using OData with CodeFirst entities. [D2052]

  • Fixed an issue where saving an entity that inherits from an abstract entity with SaveOptions.FixupTempIds.InSaveListOnly results in duplicates. [D2062]

New and improved product features

  • Security samples updated to use Authenticator and DefaultAuthenticationContext classes. [F1944]

  • The DevForce 2010 Templates extension (IdeaBlade.VisualStudio.TemplateInstaller.vsix) is now installed for all users. [F1945]

  • The EntityServerException.RemoteExceptionName property now returns the AssemblyQualifiedName. [F1955]

  • Added a new predefined EntityReferenceStrategy of EntityReferenceStrategy.Async which is the same as the ‘default’ reference strategy with the async flag turned on. [F1964]

  • Added support for GroupJoin to EntityQuery<T>.  [F1966]

  • A "SupportAssemblies" folder was created and the IdeaBlade.VisualStudio.DTE.dll and IdeaBlade.VisualStudio.Build.Tasks.dll assemblies were moved into it. [F1967]

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