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6.1.9 release notes

Last modified on December 07, 2012 15:53

This release of DevForce 2010 allows "side-by-side" support with DevForce 2012.

Breaking Changes


  • Code First installation now uses NuGet
    • PostSharp is no longer installed during the DevForce 2010 installation.  Instead, the PostSharp NuGet package is installed, as needed, when the DevForce 2010 Code First NuGet package is installed to a project.  This also means the PostSharp property tab will not be available for the project in Visual Studio.  See the SharpCrafters site for information on available products and downloads.
    • The Code First project item template has been removed.  This template added the DevForce .cf marker file and dependent assemblies.  
    • You will now use the DevForce 2010 Code First NuGet package to install the marker file and dependencies.  More importantly, the NuGet package also modifies the project build to include the EntityModelMetadataDeploy MSBuild task, and installs PostSharp.  These are both performed for each project the package is installed to.  In versions prior to 6.1.9, these MSBuild changes were made globally on the computer.

For more information, see Installing the Code First NuGet package.

  • EDM Designer extension changes in Visual Studio 2012
    • By default, a new EDMX data model will not be "DevForce enabled" in VS2012.  You'll see this when you look at the properties window  for the design canvas: the DevForce Enabled property is now false.  You must set it to "true" to enable DevForce code generation.  See the Enable DevForce topic for more information.
    • The extension name is now DevForce 2010 EDM Designer Extension for .NET 4.0. If you have DevForce 2012 installed as well, you'll notice the corresponding extension name is DevForce 2012 EDM Extension for .NET 4.5.
    • The IdeaBlade.VisualStudio.OM.CodeGenerator.11.0 assembly for Visual Studio 2012 has been renamed to IdeaBlade.VisualStudio.OM.CodeGeneratorV6.11.0 to avoid ambiguous assembly warnings when DevForce 2012 is also installed.  If you have not customized the code generation process you will need to delete the *.edmx.tt file from your project so that DevForce will generate a new file with the correct assembly references.  If you have customized code generation, note the new asembly name.

Defect repairs

  • Additional fixes for build problems in Visual Studio 2012 when the solution contains multiple Code First models.  [D2070]
  • When running in Visual Studio 2012, the DevForceEnabled setting is now false for new models.  [D2127]
  • Fixed a serialization issue relating to cloning of DateTimeOffset properties.  [D2131]
  • The DefaultQueryStrategy is now reset to its original value in EntityServerSaveInterceptor overrides.  [D2190]
  • Nested metadata classes no longer require the parent type name. [D2217]
  • Fixed an issue in which temp ids were not updated when saving different entity types that inherit from the same abstract parent when using FixupTempIds.InSaveListOnly [D2222]
  • Gracefully handle attempted use of the EDM extension in a .NET 4.5 project.  The extension cannot be used with .NET 4.5 models, but will no longer popup error messages. [D2226] 
  • Allow DevForce 2010 and DevForce 2012 project templates to work correctly when both products are installed.  [D2232]
  • The NamedRegexPattern.Email pattern now rejects commas in the local part of the email.  [D2235] 
  • Exceptions thrown in EntityChanging/EntityChanged handlers will not be "eaten" for add/attach actions.  [D2238]
  • Added the DevForce 2010 Code First NuGet package.  [D2240]
  • Support either lower or upper case string comparison in the PredicateDescription.  [D2246]

New and improved product features

Side-by-side" support with DevForce 2012 version 7.0.2 and above.  Both DevForce 2010 and DevForce 2012 may be installed "side-by-side" on the same computer.  See the "Side-by-side DevForce 2012 installation" topic for details.

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