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0.4.0 release notes

Last modified on August 15, 2012 17:22

This release of Cocktail includes a number of breaking changes to simplify usage and take advantage of new features in DevForce.

Breaking changes

  • Refactored AuthenticationService to take full advantage of the new Authenticator and AuthenticationContext in DevForce 6.1.6. Class is no longer generic.

  • Renamed EntityManagerProviderBase<T> to EntityManagerProvider<T>.

  • Removed FakeStoreEntityManagerProviderBase<T> and DesignTimeEntityManagerProviderBase<T>.
    • Connection details are now controlled with the new ConnectionOptions class.

  • Requires DevForce 2010 6.1.6.

Defect repairs

  • Fixed dialog host ignoring close guard from hosted ViewModel.

  • Additional improvements and minor fixes.

New and improved product features

  • New ConnectionOptions and IConnectionOptionsResolver to manage connection details independent of EntityManagerProviders.

  • Out of the box ConnectionOptions for DB, Fake Backing Store and Design Time. See ConnectionOptions.Default, ConnectionOptions.Fake and ConnectionOptions.DesignTime.

  • EntityManagerProvider<T> is no longer abstract.

  • EntityManagerProvider<T> no longer needs to be subclassed. An EntityManager is created based on the ConnectionOptions in use by the EntityManagerProvider.

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