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0.5.0 release notes

Last modified on August 15, 2012 17:21

This release of Cocktail includes a number of breaking changes and improvements.

Breaking changes

  • Removed Composition.IsConfigured.

  • Event argument type changed from EventArgs to EntityManagerCreatedEventArgs in IEntityManagerProvider.ManagerCreated.

  • Removed redundant property ConnectionOptions.CompositionContextName.
    • Use ConnectionOptions.CompositionContext.Name instead.

Defect repairs

  • Fixed screen harness to better cope with large amounts of ViewModels.

New and improved product features

  • New OperationFns.OnComplete(EntitySaveOperation, Action<SaveResult>, Action<Exception>) extension method.

  • TempHire: Added optimistic locking and audit columns throughout domain model.

  • TempHire: Disabled redundant validation in EF on save for improved performance.

  • TempHire: Decoupled TempHire from Cocktail release cycle. When building TempHire, the correct versions of Cocktail etc. are automatically downloaded from NuGet.

  • TempHire: Refactored to use multiple repositories and unit of work design pattern to demonstrate a more scalable approach for larger projects.
    • The base implementation of the unit of work design pattern is not yet part of Cocktail. It's available in the CocktailContrib project found on github.

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