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0.6.0 release notes

Last modified on August 15, 2012 17:20

This release of Cocktail includes breaking changes, bug fixes and improvements.

Breaking changes

  • New configuration API. Replaced AuthenticationService.With and EntityManagerProvider.With methods with AuthenticationService.Configure and EntityManagerProvider.Configure respectively.

  • Moved a number of extension methods from CoroutineFns to OperationFns.

  • Removed redundant OnComplete(this IResult) extension methods.

  • Renamed DialogManager methods ShowDialog and ShowMessage to ShowDialogAsync and ShowMessageAsync to properly indicate that they are following an asynchronous calling pattern.

  • Requires DevForce 2010 6.1.7

Defect repairs

  • Fixed bug causing client-side validation to be called too early under certain circumstances.

  • Fixed possible NullReferenceException.

  • Fixed DialogManager calling CanClose of the child ViewModel twice.

  • Fixed minor bugs in TempHire.

  • Fixed issues with initial focus management in DialogManager. Buttons were stealing the focus from the child ViewModel.

  • Fixed fake backing store not being cleared before initializing with data.

  • Fixed InitializeFakeBackingStore (synchronous) throwing exception if called multiple times.

New and improved product features

  • OperationResult, OperationResult<T>, DialogOperationResult<T> and NavigateResult<T> now support the Task-based Asynchronous Pattern (TAP) in WPF and Silverlight 5. Ready to support async/await.

  • Improved ObjectManager class. Now has a public constructor and TryGetObject method.

  • Added additional methods to create a new ConnectionOptions instance from an existing instance.

  • Added ContinueWith continuation method to OperationResult, OperationResult<T>, DialogOperationResult<T> and NavigateResult<T>.

  • Added EntityChanged event to IEntityManagerProvider.

  • Added TryClose method to IDialogHost to allow for a child ViewModel to initiate closing of a dialog window.

  • New configurable NavigationService with simplified API.

Improvements to TempHire

  • Refactored shell to lazy-instantiate workspaces.

  • Changed StaffingResourceFactory to implement IFactory<StaffingResource> instead of a custom factory interface.

  • Added query and save authorization to secure client access to domain model objects.

  • Incorporated Cocktail improvements where applicable.

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