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0.6.3 release notes

Last modified on August 15, 2012 17:22

This release of Cocktail includes breaking changes, bug fixes and improvements.

Breaking changes

  • Cleaned up a couple of inconsistencies between the AsOperationResult methods. Could be a breaking change in rare cases. Use the corresponding AsOperationResult<T> in those cases.

  • Made DialogButton constructor internal. Was accidentally left public.

  • Requires DevForce 2010

Defect repairs

  • Implemented custom closing strategy for DialogManager to prevent exception if user clicks a button more than once.

  • Fixed OperationResult.CompletedSuccessfully returning true if operation was canceled.

Improvements to TempHire

  • Consolidated AddressTypeSelector, PhoneTypeSelector and RateTypeSelector to a single ItemSelector.

  • Simplified injection of FakeLoginManager and eliminated the need for custom ConnectionOptions.

  • Missed replacing DefaultEntityReferenceStrategy with asynchronous strategy for WPF. TempHire WPF was unintentionally fetching related entities synchronously instead of asynchronously for better performance and more fluid UI.

  • Added refresh capability.

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