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0.7.0 release notes

Last modified on August 15, 2012 17:22

This release of Cocktail includes breaking changes, bug fixes and improvements.

Breaking changes

  • Renamed Composition.AddXap to Composition.AddXapAsync to indicate that the method is following the asynchronous calling pattern.

  • Requires DevForce 2010 6.1.8

Defect repairs

  • Fixed a potential performance issue with change synchronization. Synchronizing deleted entities resulted in cleared query caches.

  • Fixed issue with executing queries and accessing navigation properties from within a sample data provider resulting in a round trip to the server. Queries and navigations against the sample data EntityManager are now automatically performed against the cache.

New and improved product features

  • BusyWatcher now throws InvalidOperationException if RemoveWatch is called without a matching AddWatch.

Improvements to TempHire

  • Moved search logic to new search service.

  • Simplified StaffingResourceFactory implementation by extending Factory<T> and override the core creation logic.

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