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1.0.0 release notes

Last modified on August 16, 2012 16:05

This release of Cocktail includes breaking changes, bug fixes and improvements.

As of NuGet 2.0, package restore consent is active. You must allow NuGet to download missing packages as described here in order to build and/or run Cocktail and the Samples.

Breaking changes

  • Removed AlwaysCompletedOperationResult. Use OperationResult.FromResult(true) instead.

Defect repairs

  • Fixed IDialogHost.TryClose closing the dialog with incorrect dialog result if called directly. (Fixed in 0.7.1)

  • Minor bug fixes.

New and improved product features

  • Added support for Unit of Work pattern (previously available through CocktailContrib) including generic base implementations for UnitOfWork, Repositories and Factories. See documentation of this new feature set in the DevForce Resource Center.

  • Added support for paging as part of the Unit of Work pattern support.

  • Added support for creating a successfully completed OperationResult<T> with OperationResult.FromResult<T>(T result).

  • Added support for creating a failed OperationResult<T> with OperationResult.FromError<T>(Exception error).

  • Separate NuGet packages for Silverlight and .NET.

  • Eliminated dependency to SQL Express. SQL or SQL Express no longer needs to be installed to build Cocktail and Samples.

Improvements to TempHire

  • Implemented separate read-only and edit modes for all ViewModels.

  • TempHire no longer needs SQL Express to run. SQL Server Compact 4.0 is automatically downloaded and embedded via NuGet during the build.

  • Renamed some classes for clarity.

  • Minor bug fixes.

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