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Code sample: Querying (Desktop)

Last modified on August 15, 2012 17:21

A sample showing various queries written as unit tests.


You'd like to learn more about synchronous and asynchronous queries.  You'd also like to learn how to perform unit testing in Visual Studio.


The sample solution uses simple unit tests as the vehicle to show queries and their results.  You'll learn to use Visual Studio testing tools, along with the IdeaBlade "test framework" which extends the standard test framework to make it easy to write unit tests targeting both desktop and Silverlight applications.

To get started, open up the Querying.Desktop project and take a look around.  To run the tests, just hit F5. 


You'll notice a supporting project in the solution called IdeaBlade.TestFramework.Desktop.  This contains the source code for the open source test framework under development.  The source code is licensed under the MIT open source license.  The test framework helps in writing unit tests targeting both the desktop and Silverlight applications.  This source code is provided "as is".


Another supporting project whose source code is licensed under the MIT open source license.  The extensions are used by the test framework to provide a more fluent API.  This source code is provided "as is".

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