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NorthwindIB Database

Last modified on February 05, 2015 12:25

Many DevForce samples reference a NorthwindIB database.  You can download the database appropriate to your environment here.

The NorthwindIB database

NorthwindIB is the canonical sample database used by DevForce code samples, some reference implementations, and throughout the documentation. It derives from the Microsoft NorthwindEF database although it differs in several significant respects. For example, the Customer table uses a GUID key instead of a character key and we added several new tables to demonstrate a variety of inheritance and modeling scenarios.

We do change NorthwindIB occasionally in order to support new example code that illustrates DevForce features.   

Installing NorthwindIB

To install NorthwindIB, open SQL Server Management Studio, righ-click in Databases, and select "Attach..."


In the next window, click in "Add...", browse to and select the NorthwindIB.mdf you've just downloaded.


Once you've selected NorthwindIB, click OK and the Database will be installed.

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