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Code sample: Config files

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There are a number of configuration-related files which you may need in your application.  Here we provide samples.


You'll occasionally need to customize the configuration of your application.  For example, you may need a ServiceReferences.ClientConfig in your Silverlight application to customize the communication settings.  Or you need to customize the web.config but need a template to help.


We offer sample files for a number of common configuration-related tasks.

Silverlight-related files

  • ServiceReferences.ClientConfig and app.config.
  • Sample clientaccesspolicy.xml.  Note this sample provides "wide-open" access and is not recommended in production.  Use it as a template for your customizations for cross domain access.
  • Sample TraceWindow user control.

IIS-related files

  • Sample web.config with all possible service definitions.
  • Sample global.asax
  • Sample *.svc files, including a sample showing the EntityServer with a data source extension.

Miscellaneous n-tier config files

  • Various client and server n-tier config files are provided to show different communication configurations.
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