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Code sample: Windows Authentication (non-ASP.NET)

Last modified on September 20, 2012 11:15

This sample shows how to use Windows Authentication in an n-tier application when the EntityServer is not using ASP.NET security.


Using Windows Authentication in an n-tier application requires that the user's credentials be passed from the client to the EntityServer.  When not using ASP.NET security services this requires some additional configuration. 


Passing Windows credentials from a client application to the EntityServer is done by customizing the default DevForce configuration on both client and server to allow credentials to be passed over the WCF channel.

The customization can be done either programmatically or with configuration files.  This sample is customizing the WCF bindings defined in the <system.serviceModel> configuration section.

You also need a custom IEntityLoginManager which will expect to process Windows credentials, as shown in the sample.

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