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Create new solutions with DevForce templates

Last modified on February 21, 2013 18:20

This topic shows you how to create new Visual Studio solutions that are pre-configured for DevForce development.

See "Installing DevForce 2012" for how to obtain the DevForce templates.

You can create a new Visual Studio application using any template, even a blank solution template. In general, it's easier to get a running start with a template that contains the projects, references and artifact files that you will surely need for development. DevForce installs many templates to suit many application types ... as seen in this snapshot taken shortly after choosing File | New | Project ... from the Visual Studio menu:


DevForce templates are available in both C# and Visual Basic.  Note that you must target .NET Framework 4.5 to see the list of available DevForce 2012 templates.

These templates appear regularly in our tutorial videos and we invite you to explore them on your own.  

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