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Getting started

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This topic starts you on a path to developing a DevForce application. We'll suggest some resources to explore and then get your hands on some code.

Take a tour


The DevForce Silverlight tour walks you through the basics of using DevForce to build a simple Silverlight application. In six installments of 15 to 20 minutes each we'll take you on a whirlwind tour of DevForce Silverlight and leave you with a solid foundation to build from.

Although this video was recorded using DevForce 2010, much of its content is still valuable when working in DevForce 2012.See the sample code for updated techniques in DevForce 2012.



Our DevForce WPF tour  provides a similar introduction for WPF applications.

Windows Store and Phone apps

We have three separate "mini-tours" showing how to develop a DevForce application for Windows Store (8.1), Windows Phone 8, and Windows 10 Universal.
In each tour you'll build a simple two page "master-detail" app, learning how to write n-tier LINQ queries and perform asynchronous queries and saves, along with how to abstract data management and perform simple navigation.  Each tour contains nearly identical code, with only slight changes for each UI.

Windows 10 Universal

Windows Store 8.1

Windows Phone 8

Additional resources

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