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Interceptors and plug-ins

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Interceptor and plug-in classes are the primary way to extend server-side behavior. Use these classes to add specialized authentication and other security features, intervene in the query and save pipelines, customize entity key generation, and substitute your alternatives to some of the DevForce default components.

The general approach, described in the "extend" topic, is to create a class that implements a DevForce interface or overrides a DevForce class, then deploy the containing assembly to the server. DevForce uses MEF to find your class and includes it in its processes.

Some examples

EntityKey gen Implement IIdGenerator to customize EntityKey generation.
ExceptionsOverride EntityServerErrorInterceptor to block or change exceptions returned to the client.
Login Implement IEntityLoginManager to customize login and logout.
Logging Implement ITraceLogger to customize DevForce activity logging.
Queries Override EntityServerQueryInterceptor to authorize, filter, modify, and otherwise alter the pipeline that processes client queries.
Saves Override EntityServerSaveInterceptor to authorize, audit, modify entities to be saved, and otherwise alter the save pipeline.
Save POCOs Override EntityServerPocoSaveAdapter to prescribe how POCO entities are saved.
StartupOverride EntityServiceApplication to add startup and shutdown behavior
WCF Settings Override ServiceHostEvents to modify the DevForce default WCF configuration.

Many more examples are described here.

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