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Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) is a recommended pattern for building screens or views. It is a pattern for arranging UI code.

MVVM is primarily concerned with separating the controls on the glass (the View) from the logic that feeds and responds to those controls (the ViewModel). The ViewModel often manages the flow of data between objects in a Model and their presentation in the View 

MVVM is not itself a framework nor is there one necessary implementation. In fact, many DevForce examples and reference implementations are done in MVVM style.

The MVVM pattern and its implementations have almost nothing to say about the Model. They leave that to you... or in our case, they leave it to DevForce. DevForce plays well with all kinds of MVVM implementations.  Think of DevForce as supplying the Model to your MVVM implementation. 

Accordingly, you can pick any MVVM style or implementation that works for you... and fit DevForce right in.

Sub-topics under this topic illustrate specific techniques.

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