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Restore Entity Framework code generation

Last modified on September 14, 2012 15:47

If you want to re-enable Entity Framework code generation, open the EDMX file in the EDM Designer, and on the property sheet, set “DevForce Enabled” to false, and save the file. This action:

  • resets the “Custom Tool” to “EntityModelCodeGenerator”, 
  • removes the DevForce-specific files, and 
  • runs Entity Framework code generation. 

You will also need to set the Code Generation Strategy to Default to generate an ObjectContext-based model.  EF 5.0 uses the DbContext generation template by default.

Your DevForce application won't work with entities generated by the Entity Framework's templates!

Remember to reset the “DevForce Enabled” flag back to true to re-enable DevForce code generation. 

You can also globally disable DevForce code generation by going to the Visual Studio menu and selecting Tools -> Extension Manager and disabling the DevForce EDM Designer Extension.

Created by DevForce on March 23, 2011 12:51

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