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Run the DevForce code generator without the EDM Designer

Last modified on May 06, 2011 16:18

This walkthrough explains how to run the DevForce code generator without launching the EDM designer.


You want to re-generate your DevForce Entity Model quickly, without launching the Entity Framework Designer


Sometimes you need to re-generate your entity classes even though nothing has changed in the database schema and you aren't making any changes to the model.

You should (and often must) regenerate your entity model classes whenever you upgrade to a new version of DevForce.

Obviously you're only changing the assembly references; your model and database schema haven't changed.

You don't have to waste time by opening the Entity Framework Design Tool and saving a fake change to trigger re-generation.

You can run the DevForce code generation tool from Visual Studio directly:

  • Highlight the DevForce edmx T4 template file (the ".tt file").
  • Right click to get the context menu
  • Choose "Run Custom Tool"


"Run custom tool"

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