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Stop creating the 'ReadMe' file when (re)generating the Entity Model

Last modified on May 04, 2011 11:22

This walkthrough shows you how to stop creating the "ReadMe" file generated every time you save your EDMX.


You want to stop creating the 'ReadMe' file when (re)generating the Entity Model.


DevForce T4 Entity Model code generation creates a ReadMe file every time. You can delete it but it comes back when you regenerate the model (e.g., after making a change to the Entity Framework edmx).

The ReadMe is always the same and is annoying clutter. I don't want to see it any more!

What To Do

  • Open the DevForce edmx template file in the Visual Studio editor or in NotePad.
  • Find the line: <#@ output extension=".ReadMe" #>
  • Change it to an invalid file extension, e.g., by including a slash in the extension name: <#@ output extension="./DontReadMe" #>
  • Save

The model will regenerate ... and the ReadMe is gone.


The price you pay is a compiler warning such as:

"Warning   Unable to write the output of custom tool 'TextTemplatingFileGenerator' to file 'SimpleNorthwind.edmx./DontReadMe'.  The system cannot find the path specified."

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