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Consider predefined verifiers

Last modified on August 15, 2012 17:21

DevForce provides a collection of predefined, stock verifiers that can either be used as is, or subclassed to add additional behaviours.

All of the verifiers listed below, with the exception of the DelegateVerifier<T>, are subclasses of the abstract base class PropertyValueVerifier.

RequiredValueVerifierA verifier that checks that a null value has not been returned.
StringLengthVerifierA verifier that checks that a string value's length is within a range.
RegexVerifierA verifier that checks that a string value matches a specified regular expression.
RangeVerifier<T>The abstract base class for all other RangeVerifiers. This class and all of its subclasses provide validation that a value is within a specified range. If one of the provided subclasses does not match the type of value that you need for a range validation then subclass this type.
  Int32RangeVerifierA RangeVerifier for Int32 values.
  Int64RangeVerifierA RangeVerifier for Int64 values.
  DoubleRangeVerifierA RangeVerifier for Double values.
  DecimalRangeVerifierA RangeVerifier for Decimal values.
  DateTimeRangeVerifierA RangeVerifier for DateTime values.
ListVerifierA verifier that checks if a value is among those in a specified list.
PropertyValueVerifier<T>An abstract PropertyValueVerifier that is strongly typed as to the type of parent object being validated. (Not the type of the value being validated). May be used to create strongly classed subclasses of the PropertyValueVerifier.
DelegateVerifier<T>The abstract base class for all custom validations that cannot be written by subclassing one of the other verifiers provided above.
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